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Monday, August 13, 2007

Americans, I should know, love a good frisson. They are afraid of the terrorists just like they are afraid of Hannibal Lector, Frankenstein and Dracula.
And every good horror flic should have a sequel which tops the original.
We will be the first country to go fascist just because it amuses us to do so. Democracy- booooring.


Please check out Curry St John today - amazing Cheney video! Pass it on!
Ran across the Cheney video yesterday. It's getting around. How can these idiological idiots still be there. It's time for torches and pitch forks...):
What an amazing comment. What I had been afraid to think, but boy does it ring true.

As to all the pitch fork rattling, I see little use in hanging Bush, unless the Eliot Abrams and others of his clan go with him. And it certainly is not the way to go, if all those people who voted for Bush (at anytime) think that they are washed clean by the blood of Bush.
Amusing Ourselves to Death is the title of a classic book by Neal Postman. Strange days, indeed.

I don't know about the efficacy of impeaching Bush and Cheney, but, damn, it's just so odd that as George Carlin says, "nobody says anything, nobody cares."
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