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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The River Year 3: Year of the sludge

The river has slowed. There seems to be something gumming up the works, starts with B, ends with T. That's right, BuShit. After more than four years of blogging (here and elsewhere), and six years of NeoConvict America, it’s getting sludgelike out there.

In the old days, the water, though high, still flowed. Now, democratic bloggers seem more like democratic hacks, and democracy is suffering. Still, despite experiencing yet another crass Christmas season, I had faith in people and concluded that, collectively, we were not such a bad little tree.

That was before I began reading more closely between the lies, and came to the sad realization that news media, like many things mainstream cultural, was a fallacy.

I retreated, frankly, to the marginalized but still vital products of our independent filmmakers. In these margins, appearing as a ghost world to the corralled consciousness of the everyday Murkans, documenting America’s armed farces was just one of many valuable communiqués.

Beyond that, I had my share of proud parent moments. Blogged about some of them, too.

Four years. Wow.

Four years of great reading.

Looking forward to four more.
Thanks, Lohmann.

I just realized I put "Year 4" when it's actually a look back at Year 3 of the River. It's been corrected on edit. I have been blogging for more than four years, however.
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