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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Best of The River, Year IV

This indictment of cultural blindness somehow escaped notice for the year III best of list. So it's here.

The Rolling Stones visited the western hippie paradise known as Missoula, Montana, and Keef seemed especially pleased to have discovered a new pocket of coolness.

Matt Dillon portrayed a surprisingly believable Bukowski in a beautiful little indie film.

I voted in an election with little confidence in its ultimate integrity due to the easily manipulated electronic voting and counting machines.

Found poetry on

American companies excel at one thing – marketing. It keeps a lot of people employed (ahem), but when car companies confuse rebranding with sustainable practices, the joke is on them, and us.

There’s quite a bit of “killer culture” out there, such as the vastly overrated work of Quentin Tarantino, which says a lot about Americans. Would that more people could find some critical distance, instead of gulping it down just because the hose is open.

A proposal to Websters for an honest definition of “McJob.”

Since they hate us for our toasted white bread, it is obvious we must engage in a global struggle to bring toast to the, uh, dark corners of the world.

Some would denounce The World’s Oldest Curmudgeon as a toast-hater, merely because he’s perceptive enough to realize there’s nothing inherently good and right about white bread.

Welcome to absurdistan. Or, Bring your own context to media stories, or go nuts.

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