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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Welcome to Absurdistan, formerly the United States of America


According to the New York Times, the Bush administration has told the Pentagon to revamp and accelerate its plans for putting Iraqi security forces on the streets of Baghdad and other areas where U.S. forces have come under attack, even if their training is significantly shortened. The newspaper quotes military and administration officials saying that as part of a plan the Pentagon is still developing, thousands of Iraqis who are now acting essentially as security guards would be given a few weeks of training in Iraq and Jordan.

-- October 30, 2003,

Months after Labor opposed sending troops to Iraq, the Opposition wants the Government to dispatch a strong team of police and more army instructors to train local personnel to help control the worsening security situation there.

-- November 16, 2003, The Age

At my direction and with the support of Iraqi authorities, we are accelerating our program to help train Iraqis to defend their country.

-- May 24, 2004, GeeDubya, Army War College speech

U.S. forces are working frantically to train Iraqis for the thankless job of maintaining public order.

--September 14, 2004, Newsweek

And the strategy is to train Iraqis so they can fight off the thugs and the killers and the terrorists who want to destroy the progress of a free society.

-- December 20, 2004, GeeDubya, White House Press Conference

ANEESH RAMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Soledad, we're told there are over 170,000 trained and equipped Iraqi security forces right now, but only a fraction of them are currently doing independent combat operations. The military says this process is moving as quickly as it can.

-- August 12, 2005, CNN

Preparing for the day; U.S. forces train Iraqis to assume responsibility.

-- October 2, 2005, The Washington Times

Part of our strategy is to train Iraqis so they can join our forces and fight off the terrorists and, eventually, have the Iraqis be able to stand on their own.

-- December 15, 2005, GeeDubya

Iraq panel recommends U.S. focus on Iraqi troop training

-- December 6, 2006, Reuters

UPDATE: Mark Ames of the eXile focused on Iraqi troop training well before the panel of experts recommended it. It turns out the amount of BS spewed by the leaders of Absurdistan regarding Iraqi troop training is near bottomless.

Bruce at The River has a bookmarkable post consisting of nine quotes covering the period from October 30, 2003 to December 6, 2006 about how currect US “strategy” is to “focus” on “accelerating” training of Iraqis - which is “moving as quickly as it can.”
Thanks for the blog and letting me know about it, Larry.
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