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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bait and bait again -- a nanoplay

How about some toast?

Can't. Toaster doesn't work.

You sure? Have you tried lately?

After four years, I'm kinda giving up.

Maybe you just haven't pushed the right buttons yet.

Look, I know there are a lot of buttons on this thing, but I've tried every possible combination. I'm beginning to think it doesn't want to toast.

But it's a toaster! C'mon, the salesman assured us it would make great toast!

I know, I know.

Look, don't get all down and discouraged. We'll have toast. We will. Have faith.

I do. You're right.

Besides, if you get approved for that new Visa we can get the new model they're comin out with.


I know it's been hard. I know how much you care about toast.

'cause of the ribbon on my car?


Know what? If we can make toast, it will be a help to others.


Because no one has ever made toast the way we do. We are world leaders in toast technology.

But my unit ain't workin.

But you learned about our toast-making abilities in school.

True. I even remember having great toast when I was little.

See? Think of the children.
Beckett lives
heh, I wish.

What I really need is for Scruggs to make me a graphic for this: a "toast" ribbon, operation new toaster; when toasters are outlawed, only outlaws will have toast; no toast, no peace -- know toast, know peace; [a piece of toast with feet]; and, for the alternatively minded: make small appliances, not war
"for the alternatively minded: make small appliances, not war"

This really resonates with me. I'm a materialist and lover of small luxuries. Bruce, you may recall some of my encomiums to good plumbing and environmentally friendly appliacanes. These things really matter. I will put the graphic you need for this on my to-do list.
Yup, you can do the most amazing things with the smallest of home appliances. But toast? I thought you'd already been there and done that -- or had that done for or to you (one can never be sure with all this outsourcing shit). No, I smell a goose being cooked. Its aroma taunts like little else. And a piece of cooked goose is definitely something for which I'd carry a ribbon on my car.
just hoping to get through unscathed. I know that isn't much, considering, but what can ya do?
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