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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The War on Terror is a bumper sticker

-- Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards (paraphrased)

no sh*t -- Bruce, direct quote

I got yer bumper sticker

In response to Edwards, the Repugs splutter and whine at Tuesday night's debate, and generally doth protest too much:

"This is not a bumper sticker; this war is a real war," -- Rudy Giuliani

"They (Democrats) don't think there's a war on terror." -- Mitch Romney.

(whaaattt!?!?! -- ed.)

Here's another bumper sticker for ya:

Poor old Good Hair Edwards. That's what happens when you accidentally say something sane.
Edwards is about as sincere as his haircut. I find his populist rhetoric combined with his eye-glazing lust for power particulary creepy.

His populist come-on must, by definition, touch on some truths. Balacing that with the squirrelist agenda is a fine line that he doubtfully has any idea how to walk.
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