The River

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Doomsday scenario

...The grounds for any social change will come when the last financial bubble is popped… but the ruling class has already well anticipated that eventuality on every single front, starting with the judiciary. Outright martial law combined with an Orwellian superstructure will blanket any and all social and political movements that might emerge even spontaneously.



Big Oil Completely Innocent

[aka fecklessness personified -- ed.]

...Far better to bluster to the press, save face with the public, and wait for the FTC to issue a "Get Out of Hell For Free" report that obviates the need for any such potentially threatening investigation. Now that Big Oil has been cleared for twenty years of rape, sodomy, plunder, conversion, obstruction, obfuscation, fraud, extortion, robbery, and the Death of the American Dream, I'm sure everyone on Capitol Hill can go right back to the useless, spineless, soulless bureaucratic dickering...


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