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Monday, May 14, 2007

Conversations in the workplace

"How often do you have a conference call at work that veers into a conversation on spirituality? It was like we took 30 minutes out and went to an Ashram or something."

"Cool. That's where I go at lunch. What do you think Grateful Dead Europe '72 is?"


Ice Cream Kid

Too bad I can't stuff that image into the comment.
Hmm, I've never sang or played Hank Williams on acid. But I am willing to learn! (It's on Side Two.)

(Now lapsing into Kurt Weill via the Doors song, "Whiskey Bar":)

"Just show me. The way. To that hill. Billy bar!"
ah, they're just a rock and roll band. one that blazed some new ground, were full of soul and talent, and were fueled by the 60s zeitgeist and lots o drugs. But still and all, a rock and roll band. Hardworking too.
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