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Friday, April 13, 2007

The last political post

Screw the media circus. It's demeaning. Period. Just don't go there. Ignore it.

Screw the politicians. They know less than nothing. Just trying to keep ahead in a ruthless game. Many of them enjoy it. Cruel, mean, stunted, absurd -- that's their worldview, and they're leading the world's richest country, so it's gotta be the only one worth considering.

Screw the United States of America. It has one goal, everything else spins off that. The goal: let's you and him fight. That's it. You need weapons? We'll sell 'em to ya. Is your fighting killing and maiming innocents and scaring the folks back home? We'll sell 'em security products. Can't reach your enemy? How 'bout some planes? Need fuel? I'll go ahead and supply it, since ya'll are so busy. Your land? The survivors can still live on it, long as you sign the resources over to us. No? Hey, those SOBs across the river just insulted your God/women/government/lifestyle/accomplishments and they are the only things that allowed you to survive that last lil fire fight. Just happen to have some assault rifles, cheap, that is, if you have the balls to use 'em. Made in Vietnam. Besides, you can't lose with God on your side. Think of the glory.

Ugh. Thanks for the Paul Craig Roberts link (I think). The only appropriate response will be to blink rapidly, and to get everybody else to do it. In a weird way, this is kinda what brought the surveillance states down. After a certain point the surveillors become de-sensitized, and then it becomes too damned expensive to go on.
yes, but the important thing, for the controller wannabes, is that the panopticon become internalized.
I just sent you a link to Joe Bageant's latest by email, Bruce (you may have already read it).

It takes the basic theme of USian culture and how it's kept by the keepers, and expands upon it, oh how it expands on it .. not so much the violence as the fundamental total malleability of a depoliticized society and what everyone just accepts as reality to keep it that way.

Finishes up with a biting little paragraph about the internalization of the panopticon ;-)
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