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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Re: Conspiring motherf*@%ers

Uncle $cam at American Samizdat brings up an excellent Paul Levy article, The War on Consciousness.

An excerpt:

The powers that have taken over our country will do anything in their sorcerer’s bag of tricks to distract us and keep up the illusion that they are protecting us so as to maintain power. These banking and corporate pirates are willing and more than ready to intimidate, buy off, or destroy any and all critics. It is important for us to realize the depth of evil we are dealing with here – they are willing to kill as many people as needed to accomplish their aims. It is shocking to realize that the very entity that is supposed to be protecting us – our government – is the very thing from which we need protection. It is shattering to realize that our leaders are genuine psychopathic criminals who are trying to take over our planet, impose full-spectrum dominance, enact a new world order and centralize power and control. Instead of this being a conspiracy theory, the evidence is all around us, as it is everywhere we look if we have the eyes to see beyond the carefully crafted and disseminated spell that is being perpetually woven all around us.

What is happening in our world has more the “feeling” of an invasion from a parallel universe than a physical coup d’etat. This is because the intrusion is taking place on the plane of mind, and only secondarily on the physical plane. If we could stop this covert incursion into our minds it would be much easier to mitigate the outer wars that plague our world.

These criminals clearly have way more power than we do in terms of guns, tanks, media and technology, but they are no match for us if we activate the inherent brilliance of our consciousness – a force with unlimited potential. Part of the spell they are casting is that there’s nothing we can do, that we are powerless to stop them from doing whatever they want, like when Cheney mentioned it doesn’t make a difference what Congress or the American people want, this administration is not going to be stopped from sending more troops to Iraq.


Tin Foil - that's the thing. Tin Foil Hats I predict will be big business. Invest now in tin foil futures :)
True, but, alas, the majority will wear them as a fashion statement with little understanding as to their origin and meaning.

regarding the article in this post, there is that unfortunate tendency to fixate on the Bush administration, when they are just innovators in the long history of despotic governments adhering to the tenets of American exceptionalism and the neoliberal world order. Their innovation is to drop all pretense while using every Machiavellian trick in the book.
Good find. Our government has been taken over, and is now just a convenient front; in many peoples mind, information originating from a government source has an inherent credibility, which, in fact, it should have. Now, sadly, there appear to be almost sources of information in which it is safe for us to place our trust. Even this week, the FDA has not released the name of the US importer of the gluten, even though they have stated that this same supplier provides gluten for human food producers. Nor have they come out and emphatically stated that none of the tainted gluten as entered the food chain of human consumption.

As you know, I could rant for hours.
Next time I proof read...

, sadly, there appear to be almost NO sources of information in which it is safe for us to place our trust.

emphatically stated that none of the tainted gluten HAS entered the food chain of human consumption.
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