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Monday, March 12, 2007

Reduce Re-use Recycle Rebrand

Being the fine citizen journalist he is, Scruggs has uncovered inside information revealing that "Ford is currently attempting to rebrand itself with names that more reflect the “everyday hopes and desires of the American people”. SUVs, in particular, are targeted.

Scruggsie has a few of his own suggestions. Here are a few more:

DeForester SLX

Crusher 4X4

X-Stream Widebody

OVR Compensator

Incinerator FX


Armageddon XT

DeathWhish 2000

LOL, I'll take an "Armaggedon XT."

The vehicle pictured, the Lincoln version of the Ford Expedition, rear-ended us two years ago while we were stopped at a light. We were in a Subaru WRX at the time. My wife and baby were fine, thankfully, but I injured the front of my neck under the clavicle and got Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Which, unfortunately, is less fun than it sounds.
damn, sorry to hear that, Marc.

I have a feeling I'll be using the "Specialized HardRock" more often in the near future.
The Ford Priapus XL
Thanks Bruce! Fortunately, alcohol is one of the few things which relieves it.

Ford could actually brand and market a smaller vehicle for the active lifestyle called the Vivisect. You know, something like a Honda Element. "Vivisect" says peppy...optimistic...and international. It would befit an eco-friendly theme, and its tagline could be, "Vivisect: Slice Life Wide Open!"
Good one, Marc!

And Michael. XL, of course

This is fertile ground for creative types
i like yours bruce they made me laugh.
How about the Ford Decanter ?

You gotta have read Brave New World to get my jejune humour.
Sounds pretentious.

It's been forever since I read the novel.

(hello, Barbara. thanks!)
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