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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

CNN hates hypocrisy

from Al Gore

Went to Manuel's last night to have a couple o beers with a friend. The televisions above the bar were tuned to CNN and ESPN as per usual. Sound off and no captioning, but who needs that? Do you need a dictionary when you talk to a three-year-old?

And, of course, the newscast was full of graphics and type. Many factoids, lots of questions. Questions that viewers must have answered. That's self-evident.

Last night the question in a rather large point type was "How Green is Gore?" Isn't that what we tune in for? The way these television journalists are so quick to point out the hypocrisy of our so-called leaders?

Remember how, right before the Iraq war started, they asked, "Who threatens the world with WMD? Iraq, or America?" And then, when we invaded and claimed we had to not because of WMD, but to promote democracy in the Middle East, remember how CNN immediately jumped up and asked, "How democratic is Bush?"

And who can forget these other memorable questions:

Does Bush support the troops? We examine the budget.

How did a policy paper written in the 90s predict the war on terror?

Where's Kucinich?

Does Israel even want peace?

How Christian is the right?

Should a corporation count our votes?

How does a plane disappear into the Pentagon?

Bin Laden and Hussein, what's the difference?

Green energy, should we care?

Capitalism: who made it God?

Left and Right: Who gets assassinated?

Who benefits from the War on Terror?

Is Bush fighting evil, or consumed by it?

What does WTC 7 tell us about September 11?

Who owns us, anyway, and what's their agenda?

Why are we always smiling?

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