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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cold* War II: the oil wars

Mark Ames of the eXile backgrounds Russia's moves in his excellent Putin vs. Cheney narrative.

His summary:

Democracy isn't about giving people the right to vote, giving them a say in their lives and a sense of dignity. It's about serving America's interests. And serving America's interests, to the current regime, is defined as serving the interests of the oil oligarchs in Houston, where Cheney spent the previous ten years of his cartoon-villain life.

In fact, the definition of democracy is even more narrow than that. America's interests are Cheney's interests. Il est l'etat. In that sense, Putin is indeed a menace. And that's what makes this Cold War so different. Whereas the last one was a mortal struggle over two different systems, this is a struggle between two short, balding, bloodless men, and the oil - other people's oil - that made them as powerful as they are today.


(*cold = hot)

It is every power for themselves.
I was watching a Clash documentary recently and Joe Strummer summed it up well, something like, "there is only power and the will to use it. You either get powerful or you get crushed."
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