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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vote for Green Teams

Here's a chance to support someone who is giving of herself to make a difference. Ginger Criswell is a friend, a mother of two, and a community leader. She heads an environmental committee at my childrens’ school and has started an environmental club for interested students – the Green Team.

The Sundance Channel is sponsoring an environmental-themed Big Idea contest. Ginger’s idea is that the youngsters among us need to learn about caring for the environment and using sustainable practices early. And the sooner they get involved, in elementary-level programs such as Green Teams for example, the more empowered they will be to make a difference when they become adults.

Ginger submitted an entry in the required video format, and it made the preliminary cut. Video-wise, Ginger is a bit of a ringer, as she and her husband George own a video production company, Gwinnett Video Production Center. The "Green Teams" entry is bouncy and fun, reflecting the youthful energy inherent in the program.

You can view and vote for it at the Sundance Channel site. It's the third one down in the first column, the picture of a girl holding a large bag of plastic bottles.

Here ya go, this one. Vote early and often:

Done! It's a good idea. Some of the local schools have created short term things similar to that, which have proven to be very popular with the kids and which also -- importantly -- have gotten their parents involved. Thanks for the nudge towards that, Bruce.
you're a good man, Scruggs. I know it's a little bit of a hassle having to register. And you're right, another benefit is the kids go home and get their parents to start recycling, or just start doing it themselves at home as well as school.
I watched some of the others there too. None of them are bad ideas -- I especially liked the adobe bricks and solar powered water extraction -- but this one is the most directly foundational. The success of any of the positive measures depends on the enduring educational aspect of learning good habits.
Viewed, registered, voted. Starting out with the children and tapping their creative and competitive urges is a great way to make it stick.
prezackly. Thanks for voting, Marc.
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