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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I went to a used CD store at lunch and picked up this

because I have an insatiable appetite for new music and Todd Snider said hippies today dig Widespread Panic and I actually saw Widespread Panic at a small club in Athens, Ga., in the early 80s while I was in college there and they were good and did a nice cover of a Zevon song although I don't remember which one because after all those were my hippie days although I never had long hair and dressed not with psychedelic regalia but with flannel over long underwear shirts and raggedy jeans like Kurt Cobain, which is more punk than hippie, if we must label, and besides there was no such thing as Nirvana and the Seattle scene at the time, there was the Athens scene and it could not have been better, as bands such as the long-lived Widespread Panic, REM, and B-52s attest, but the point is that if you are going to make gut decisions, which is what I had to do both at lunch, being faced with three Widespread Panic albums at the music store (I don't own any), and way back when (major in art? journalism? business administration?), then why not let the synchronicity flow over you and go for the CD that looks quite a bit like Scruggsies latest creation, Beelzebug

The bug is our friend, Bruce. I hope the album it led you to is good.
can't win them all, but the cover is quite nice, as is our bug friend.

But, oddly enough, I did receive Todd's 2006 release, The Devil You Know, from BMG in the mail today.
As for Panic, they've always been better live than in the studio, but "Earth to America" is quite good.
yes, which should be true of any hard touring jam band. I'll take "til the medicine takes" back to the used CD shop and see if they have that one.

Thanks, pygalgia
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