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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Telling it like it is



And if there is no excuse now for such deluded horseshit, there never was any excuse. To imagine, to fantasise that the people who calculatedly and maliciously imposed the genocidal sanctions regime on Iraq, a wilful and wicked assault on Iraq's civilian population - to dream that such people are likely to want to 'liberate' Iraqis, except from their mortal coils, is a profound and shocking abdication from the duty to analyse and think through a situation. To then on the basis of this preposterous illusion go on and publicly, clamorously, boisterously demand invasion and occupation is to advertise a kind of collective insanity. And the hide n seek game, so beloved of the 'humanitarian interventionists', won't do either - "we found some Kurdish leaders who agreed with us, so we must be right." Of course the Kurdish leaders agreed with you - they, as the single Iraqi group most imbricated with the US, had the least to lose from it and the most to gain (at least in the short term). What happened to thinking for oneself? What happened to thinking?

"Liberation" - the canard of every bullshitter and hypocrite in the world, and yet another example of a cynosure of radical discourse being enclosed on behalf of imperialist tyranny.


US propaganda on Iran fooling experts, not public

Noam Chomsky's well-known refrain that the intellectual class (very loosely defined) is more susceptible to propaganda than the population at large seems borne out over the recent polling on Iran. Via, the latest polls show that 70% of Americans oppose an invasion of Iran, and only 9% favour selective air strikes. On the other hand, the US press is packed with 'experts' who believe that Iran has already declared war on the United States, by supporting the resistance in Iraq.


Imperial majesty

A fantasia of superhuman carnage underwrites neoconservative prescriptions for the 'war on terror'.

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