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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fact and fiction

I've been ill lately, and I'm trying to chalk up a feeling of hopelessness to that.

Also, I've been catching up on Harry Potter (I dropped him after book 4) and have been amazed at the artist's ability to tap into societal issues.

I mean, zealots in ascendance at the Ministry, rule by decree at Hogwarts, deatheaters and dementors sucking the life out of everything -- hello BushCo and its army of enablers.

And while I still have most of book 6 and all of book 7 to go, I'm anticipating the end of the Bush era quite a bit more than the end of the Harry Potter series.

But I’m wondering who cast the spell that has frozen every single person with the power to expose these people for the small-minded evil little shits they are into a completely inexplicable attitude of business as usual.


PS: A Tiny Revolution has impeachment news

Voldemort walks among us and is in residence at Number One Observatory Circle

Hope you get well soon Bruce
Sorry to hear about your illness. Glad you're up to blogging a little, and thanks for shining your light on Harry Potter. I had not appreciated that's what she was doing, nor had I read the books.

Get well soon, mate. The fuckers are about to fucked by counter-fuckers. The counter-fuckers will fail, too, but they'll do so in a very traditional way (by greedy bungling), and that may yet open the door to a free and fair election. It still could happen.
How's the weather, where you live, my brother, how's the weather where you live. Is it contrasting or aligning with your grief. As it happens, here today, it is fucking GLORIOUS, benign as a sparrow nuzzling your cheek, cool as a lover of infinite tact, smooth as a caress, a caress, a bleeding hopeful caress. I hope we can do justice to the mercy that surrounds us, and find courage to be doubtful, to be long...

Peace and strength, good Bruce...
I am so ready for fall. It's hazy, oppressive, deep-south August here. So, adding, not contrasting.

Getting better, thanks everyone.

Book 5 of Harry Potter was published in 2003, so Rowling could have been influenced by Bush era politics. Don't know if it's that so much as the unconscious becoming conscious through art; life imitating art and vice versa.

And your last post, Marc, is indeed hopeful, for whatever that hope is worth.
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