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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nail, meet hammer

Yes, we can get out of this without violence, and that's by opening our mouths to our Congressmen and Senators about the evil that placing Israel before America creates.

Everyone is afraid of being labeled anti-semitic. The fear of the label is greater than loss of American lives. It's stunning. Even when someone like Norman Podhoretz writes in the WSJ that "As an American and a Jew, I pray to God that Bush will [bomb Iran.]" He prays to God? For Israel! Not for America! For another foreign country with a paranoid fear of something being developed in the future that should its enemy be suicidal might be used against it.

And our reaction?

Silence. Absolute utter silence in this country. We cried over Paris Hilton instead and gave Podhoretz a pass. And the WSJ had the temerity to reprint that treasonous screed originally written for Podhoretz's Commentary rag.

The one thing Israel hasn't counted on is the American populace. Israel doesn't understand what 300 million people can do when the 7/8 asleep in this country wake up to nuclear devastation on these shores because a bunch of Zionist intellectuals and ex-bouncers running Israel placed this nation in mortal peril with their police state BS. Fox News wont be able to talk their way out of this one. Too many poobahs have declared that we are going to war in Iran for Israel -- nothing else, just Israel -- including the President. Too many Israeli Generals have written that 'we must influence Hillary Clinton' and secretly get the Americans to go to war for us, and pay for it. Too much hyperbole about imaginary threats has been written from a nation that is not being threatened except by its own stupidity, violence, lies, and arrogance. And we buy into this crappola that the world revolves around this postage-sized oligarchy in the desert?

The real anti-semitism that Israel will create if it urges the US to bomb Iran in its name will be staggering.

And the inane remarks I've read recently around the web that the US is using Israel and secretly wants to eliminate it by provoking war with Iran is just that: inane. Like the Israelis are a bunch of idiots with their thumb in their bum and their brain in neutral. One word from Israel to Aipac to 'cut it out' and this threat would be gone.

-- Comment on Paul Craig Roberts' latest at Information Clearinghouse, Impeach Now, Or Face the End of Constitutional Democracy

"If the administration's charade starts to unravel, Bush will need a good man like Chertoff in place to go "Code Red" and announce the transition to martial law."

-- Mike Whitney, January, 2005.

I can take a guess at what the Podhoretz home life was like in Brooklyn. Constant screaming, and joy in it. They raised a perfect monster for rhetorical conflict, who learned to never stop shouting, even when the voice is lost.
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