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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

9/11 mastermind to be brought to justice?

"Thoughts on the Eve" points to Dave Lindorff's article on the growing trend toward impeachment:

Despite a corporate media blackout on impeachment that means almost nobody in the country knows that there is already a Cheney impeachment bill in the House with 14 co-sponsors (HR 333), over half the country nonetheless wants Cheney to get the boot.

Speaking of "Thoughts", Bill contributed his on 9/11. Not much discussion generated, but at this point, I suppose we aren't shocking anyone with 9/11 inside job accusations. If Bill were writing for Time magazine, it might be a different story. At any rate, Bill recommends David Ray Griffin's lastest book as a good starting point for investigation.

And speaking of both 9/11 criminals and impeachment, Marc Lord is. Speaking. Of those things.

Go read good writing over at his site, where he asks, what did Wolfowitz know and when did he know it? Seems Wolfie had some prescient words for West Point's graduating class of 2001 in his commencement address in June of that fateful year.

Finally, as if the two fine bloggers above weren't enough, I'm also serving up today a recommendation for Mike Golby's post on AFRICOM, which covers both the beginning -- the catalyzing event both planned (possibly if not plausibly) in and for the WTC -- and the end -- America coming to Africa "militarily" -- through analysis of the unvarnished (because not in the political sphere, per se) psychopathic musings of Thomas P.M. Barnett.

1. Sorry you didn't get more feedback on your 9/11 post. It's a touchy topic, I suppose.

2. Related to Wolfie's remarks, a number of people have found the prescience of Phil Zelikow, Condi's pal and 9/11 Comm 'coordinator,' to be rather interesting, as well.

3. I can't stand Barnett. I was supposed to sit in on one of his lectures a few years ago, but he had to cancel at the last minute. That would have been an interesting encounter. (PS - anyone who commutes to Packers games from Rhode Island is a tool).

Glad that Golby took the knife to him again. For some reason I lost track of their previous bouts. I know Scruggs at one point was motivated to archive a few Golbyisms that for some reason could only be found via google cache. But it looks like they're back, hyperlinked in all their glory.
it's a measure of how mainstream mass murder as national policy is that Barnett is not shunned as a loathsome creep but published in Esquire. (and that's about the creepiest sentence I've ever written, but there it is).

Barnett is Bush and Cheney without the need to tell fairy tales to the public.

As for Golby, I can't think of anyone more astute when it comes to taking the measure of these monsters. The latest post was Golby at his most Golbyesque.
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