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Friday, June 15, 2007

Most unintentionally ironic sentence on the web

"Sorry to be a coward, but I travel a lot and I don't need more friction re-entering the country. So, no full name please."

Read the letter to Joe Bageant and see if you agree.

What's also funny is that comment about activists being more moral and idealistic "back in the day". They were always more moral and idealistic back in the day and it's been that way ever since the days of the pyramids. Damn kids . . . harrumph! Harrumph!
the guy's totally mixed up:

US politics in the 60s vs. today? Hard to compare. [isn't that what he's attempting?] There were sure more assassinations back then, and it seems unlikely to me that they were by lone madmen. [does the fact that there were more assassinations then mean it was worse back then? No, it support's Joe's point -- the fuckers needed to kill off actual leaders]

"grotesquely uninformed corporations like Fox" [the corporation is hardly "uninformed"]

"But overall, today it is at least possible for a person to become informed via the internet. [or the thriving alternative press back then. the only difference is that the mainstream media has become more agressive] And it is much less likely that a gross, ongoing violation of life will go under radar, as it was likely to do in the 60s. [right, see point about Fox News above. Not under the radar at all, but proudly displayed]
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