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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer blockbuster

I don't like the looks of this. Yahoo's featured news story:

The return of al-Qaida

U.S. intelligence reports al-Qaida is at its strongest since before 9/11.

This was news two days ago. That it's still "featured" and that it's nicely slugged (on the Yahoo home page) for movie-like consumption is not a good sign.

As many in the blog neighborhood have pointed out, this looks like propaganda groundwork for a false-flag attack, nicely drawn out in drips and drabs.

And although I avoid broadcast media, it appears from the links at the bottom of the AP story that ABC is revving up the terror show:

Growing Threat From Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda is reportedly back to its pre-9/11 operational capacity.

-- ABC News video

Extra-Vigilant Homeland Security
Intelligence officials are working hard to prevent a possible terror attack.

-- ABC News video

And right on time: Senators Lieberman, McCain, Kyl, Graham, and Coleman today introduced a bipartisan amendment to the Defense Authorization Act, confronting the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran over its proxy attacks on American soldiers in Iraq. They are all quoted, and they sound like children who've been told they can't have a toy.

Harford Courant's report: Lieberman Leads Way In Warning To Iran

Senate Shows Support In 97-0 Vote

I feel ill.

It couldn't be connected to the Appropriations Committee's ruling to de-fund the OVP a couple days ago.

Could it?
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