The River

Friday, July 27, 2007

Faithful rendition

I can't not put this on The River.

"Working Class Hero," Marianne Faithful covering the classic Lennon tune.

And surpassing the original. By far. Powerful, powerful performance. Ominous arrangement, befitting the lyrics that Faithful correctly delivers as someone watching her last obsessively tended flame of hope sputter and die. Someone defiantly standing in the ashes, delivering the truth. Someone who knows.

Happy Friday, ya'll.

via Listics

PS: Although I don't own it, I understand she recorded the song for 1990's Broken English album.

Ya I saw that over at Frank's the other day and was blown away. Great rendition.
Sorry, it does not surpass the original. She has a Yiddish accent, and that does not convince me of ANYONE in the working class.
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