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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The art of the rant

President Bush has a very bad plan that will result in his final victory. In his own mind he will go down in history is being even more awesomer than the fully awesome Ronald Reagan. How will he achieve this gigantic kickass feat of mutually assured delusion? By doing what he's always done: pretending. He's going to become a hero by pretending to be one.

It's hard to overstate the awsesomeness of President Bush. Here's a man who sucks at everything, but absolutely rules when it comes to bullshitting himself.



One look around and it's plain to see who sets the total agenda in this country: The voters who send pro-business, pro-theocracy, pro-empire, anti-Constitutional zealots to Washington, D.C.. The mass media, being capital-based, belongs to them. It's their echo chamber. Liberals ceded that ground a long time ago. We don't even try to compete against it.

But, hey, we've got The Blogosphere, where people who already know they're continuously being lied to can go and read all about it.




Democratic politicians don't even have to be brought to heel by The Right, as they have been more than adequately leash-trained over the last quarter century or so. It's always 1980 at the DNC, where "populism" is synonymous with "Reaganite lynch mob" instead of universal healthcare or education for all or a living wage.


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