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Thursday, August 02, 2007

As usual, Lucy has the answer

"But I’m wondering who cast the spell that has frozen every single person with the power to expose these people for the small-minded evil little shits they are into a completely inexplicable attitude of business as usual."


As I said in the previous post, the Democratic elite are spawned by the same corrupt system that produces the Republican leadership. They serve, essentially, the same interests. Because no human organization is a complete monolith, there are of course differences in emphasis, different approaches to policy, different constituencies to be served (or snowed) etc. between the two parties. And it may well be, as Noam Chomsky noted before the 2004 election, that even minute mitigations in the operation of vast power structures can translate into real benefits for many ordinary people, simply due to the scale on which such structures operate. For example, it is almost certain that no Democratic administration would have cut off aid to women's health clinics around the world as the Bush Administration has done -- a heinous act that has resulted in death and suffering for untold thousands of the world's most vulnerable people. That is no small thing.

But the fact that one mafia boss gives groceries to Grandma while another one steals her blind and leaves her out on the street doesn't change the fact that both bosses are part of the same criminal system, operating on the same principles of violence, extortion, arbitrary rule and lawlessness.

Chris Floyd, Empire Burlesque

Bruce how you doing? Any improvement?
Yeah, almost back to the land of the living.

Don't know if I'm ready for the fall football season, with it being so detrimental to my health and all..

Maybe I'll just work and not think about it. You see any more opportunities?

Thanks for asking, Marc.
Charlie Brown could always do his own fake, run up to the football, and kick Lucy's ass right up her spine...
LOL, I love the image of the right ass traveling up the right spine -- aggressive chiropractic has cured millions, why not Lucy?
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