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Monday, August 13, 2007

Lizards! Death lizards

Now it can be told: Bush and Cheney are not human beings at all, but death lizards from outer space...

After two years of promoting the books of Griffin and Ahmed, I have discovered that there is a limited audience for a rational, factual discussion of 9/11. Even those who accept the fairly obvious conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job often seem to prefer a more excited and imaginative prose style. As for those who do not accept that conclusion—in virtually all cases due to an emotionally-charged refusal to consider the evidence—they are addicted to an even more hysterical prose style driven by the paranoid delusion that a secret army of evil “Muslim extremists” is conspiring to wreak mayhem by randomly blowing things up.


You would think my prose style would at least get some attention. I don't hold back. Carefully read my 9/11 posts and you will see the death lizards staring back at you.

While I shy away from boring old reason (people have written books, as noted above), I now see that my relentless affect has gotten us nowhere.

The writer highlighted above shows the way. The death lizards are here! If you think about, it explains everything. 9/11 was an outside job, waaay outside.

(via Listics)

Bravo! Love it. Verbal judo. Trumps emotion with more emotion. Hate the death, love the lizard, etc.
The lizard theory does have some merit. See here for confirming details.
Ha! Yeah, I'd caught that from a link at ATR.

Quite a bit a merit, really.
I stole the Distant Oceans hit-piece. Very well done. didn't attribute it until the end, damn I wish I'd written that!
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