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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Balanced media

I really like Anthony Lane's movie reviews in The New Yorker. Who can forget his Yoda parody to express his frustration with the last Star Wars film: break me a fucking give.

But David Denby is just clueless.

jeremiah .. my guess is that you ain't the only one to see a massive, and extended, clusterfuck coming .. what we've seen to date is only the warmup, the stretching, before the games begin.

I second .. strongly ... Bruce's warm advice to make good friends, sleep well, look at and think about interesting (and un-interesting) art, read some books that will stretch the established boundaries of yoiur thinking, drink good wine and well-made beers, eat unpateurized cheeses, have sex with someone you love as often as is possible .. live, in other words .. because what we have understood as "living" is bit by bot being taken away from us, by rich zombies who love money, power and cruelty.

History is back .. and she's hungry !
Jon, we're all coming up to Canada to ride this thing out with you, ok?
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