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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fool who should be outside feels compelled to post

In the fictional post below, "Digby" is a stand-in for the Democratic Party in general, and "Bruce" is a stand-in for frustration with the media-pundit-two-party one-way broadcast that seems to be a world of its own without the awareness, or care, to realize it.

Just trying to bring out issues, such as:

“In its capacity to dehistoricize and depoliticize society, as well as in its aggressive attempts to destroy all of the public spheres necessary for the defense of a genuine democracy, neoliberalism reproduces the conditions for unleashing the most brutalizing forces of capitalism,” writes Henry A. Giroux. “Social Darwinism has been resurrected from the ashes of the 19th century sweatshops and can now be seen in full bloom in most reality TV programs and in the unfettered self-interests that now drives popular culture. As narcissism is replaced by unadulterated materialism, public concerns collapse into utterly private considerations and where public space does exist it is mainly used as a confessional for private woes, a cut throat game of winner take all, or a advertisement for consumerism.”



The fundamental difference between the left and what I'm going to call the leftesque, because I'm in a rotten mood, lies in their view of the political economy. The leftier among the leftesque think that the system is broken, corrupt, poorly designed, etc. . . that it needs to be fixed and that this can somehow be accomplished by electing people who will stick to that task. The left thinks it's working just the way it's supposed to and that party politics are a terrible waste of time. There's a simmering antipathy because they have a lot in common otherwise.

-- J Alva Scruggs

That's all. Just trying to get it out there. Nothin personal.

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