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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Shut the door, the horse has escaped!

My favorite way to blow a hole in the ridiculous, yet seemingly hypnotic, phrase "war on terror" is to say "there is no war on terror." In doing so, I'm not reframing, which to me says, "if you must have a simplistic worldview, I think I can manage it better for you." Ugh.

No, my approach is more like: excuse me, is this your frame? Yeah? Could you stand back a little? Thanks. (performs act on frame not unlike a young Pete Townsend's treatment of his guitar).

What's this got to do with the price of lemons in Bulgaria? Jeffrey Feldman, who, since I've been quite the rude pundit lately let me say is no doubt a fine gentleman, thinks he has the answer to the whole "war on terrorism" frame. And BuzzFlash agrees.

The new, Democratic frame is "guard the gates." That's what Democrats do. So...they go along with illegal wars of agression and stripping civil rights, but, if they may be so bold as to pound you in the head with it, you may count on them to *guard the gates*.

I can just see Joe and Sally consumer now: hmmm, war on terrorism, end of evil in our time, now in extreme version. Wait, what's this, a new product. Hmm....guard the gates. What, and ignore evil? Just, like, have guards everywhere? I don't get it, they would just shoot them, right? I'll take the war on terrorism, kinda of a crappy product, but I do like the commercials. Stick with the tried and true, I always say. Better scoot, late for the gym....who's that lunatic over there smashing wood on the ground and insulting writers?

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