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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Orwell was Wrong.

Bush says Iran is disrupting Iraq by aiding insurgents

By Seattle Times news services

WASHINGTON — President Bush Monday accused Iran of disrupting Iraq by giving insurgents deadly explosive devices.

In the first of a series of three speeches aimed at stemming public opposition to the war and bolstering his low approval ratings creating the impression that Iran must be attacked by shifting the “threat to freedom” from Iraq to Iran, Bush said that some of the most powerful "improvised explosive devices" (known as IEDs) in Iraq contained "components that came from Iran."

"Coalition forces have seized IEDs and components that were clearly produced in Iran," Bush said in an address at George Washington University. "Such actions — along with Iran's support for terrorism and its pursuit of nuclear weapons — are increasingly isolating Iran, and America will continue to rally the world to confront these threats."


Conflict will define Bush's role in history

By Susan Page, USA TODAY

Bush seems to be thinking about the history books, too. When conservative commentator Fred Barnes interviewed the president last summer for his book Rebel-in-Chief, Bush noted he had read three new books analyzing the first president's place in history. "He said, 'Even after 200 years, they're still reassessing George Washington,' " Barnes recalls. " 'What will they say about me?' "

In better moments, I think will be something like this:

"Generally, when dealing with this gang of thugs, it is better to dispense with psychological theorizing or even political analysis – however fascinating it might be – and strip the situation down to the crudest motivations and causes: greed, stupidity, aggression and fear."

-- Chris Floyd

But then, what are the long-term effects of this:

Karl Rove is telling us what the neocons have in mind—a generational conflict, a Thirty Years’ War, perpetual war for perpetual death merchant profit. Bush’s neocons, followers of the fascist Strauss and Schmitt ideology, fully intend to not only reshape the Middle East, but American society as well.

Rove Vows Forever War, Kurt Nimmo


On Monday, Bush delivered the first of several speeches to mark the war's three-year milestone and defend its progress. "I wish I could tell you that the violence is waning and that the road ahead will be smooth," he said in an address at George Washington University. "It will not." He asked for patience and vowed resolve.

USA Today Iraq Today. USA Tomorrow.

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