The River

Thursday, July 15, 2004

30 blogs is too many

So I was sitting here reading my 30th blog of the day, and my eyes, they jumped right out of my head, grabbed me by the ears and wrenched my face up and over the cube wall and in the direction of the window.

“There’s more to life than blogs, nitwit!” they screamed. “Besides, we are effing exhausted and you are going down if you don’t chill. Remember the commute? We might just have to pull the shades down mid lane-change if you don’t straighten up. And make Verdana your default typeface in Word. Much bigger.

Gaahhh! Why do we bother?”

They jumped back in, leaving me gazing at the tops of trees.

They popped out again. “And you might want to put us to actual work. Stomach says it’s important.” Pop. Back in. I rubbed my temples. Moved the re-installed eyeballs from side to side. They still worked, and no co-workers seemed to have noticed.

“Hmm…maybe another vacation…they, er I, really liked staring at the bottom of the swimming pool while floating on a raft,” I mused as I sat back down in front of the computer.

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