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Friday, July 02, 2004

F911, one more time

I'm tired of politics. It's been all "Fahrenheit 9/11" around here this week, you may have noticed. I've been reading up on the reaction around the blogs. Bleh. Tiring. Although inspiring too, especially in the comments of weblog readers. Heck, thanks to Moore's movie, I felt moved to give to John Kerry's campaign (through, thereby marking my funds as in support of progressive causes) because, in ways small or even large, he can and will help.

As you can see from the somewhat bitter tone of the post below, I'm tired of all the harping that faults Moore for what he didn't do, rather than recognizing what he did.

I’ve been reading on the Net that Moore should have talked about Israeli influence of the White House and the (phony) war on terror. To which I would say: one step at a time. I think Moore wants to deal with the issues that are on the American radar, most of which have simmered at an almost subconcious level. Thanks to his popluar and powerful movie, they are now being brought into a white hot glare.

This writer says Moore is blaming the Saudis for our problems. He even accuses Moore of borderline racisim because of a rapid montage showing Bushies with Saudis. Why it’s not equally racist regarding Caucasians I can’t say.

Maybe I should see it again, but I think Moore, like a journalist, was reporting that…

a) The official story is that 3/4s of the hijackers were Saudi Arabian

b)Yet the Bushies are big pals with the Saudis, do big business deals with them, many of them involving arms through the Carlyle Group

c) the Carlyle Group is doing very well thanks to the obviously phony war on terror

d) the Saudi regime is a brutal dictatorship

e) Saudis have a lot of money invested in this country

f) all this money (he makes a big deal out of the influence of money) seems to influence an administration to the point that although the official story has Saudi Arabians directed by a Saudi named Osama attacking the U.S., we haven’t done much police work or diplomatic work to prosecute the crime, re: Saudi Arabia

g) nor have we apprehended Osama

h) this does not mean the U.S. should engage in military action against the country because

i) he does not say the Saudi *leadership* directed an attack

Hell, the main point is our leaders have no clue, lie like hell, don’t give a damn about everyday Americans, and are rushing around bombing, invading, fighting, CREATING enemies because it’s good for business. And in the long run, it’s not going to be good for regular people anywhere, not the Middle East, not Israel and not America.

He gets some great quotes, and this one, about invading Iraq, sums it up: “it’s good for business, bad for the people.”

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