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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Steve Gilliard on F911

People have said that someone should make a right wing counterpart to this film, but they can't. The facts are against them. The best they can do is either attack Moore personally or make lame films like America Heart and Soul. There is no response they can make and stay with the truth.

This is also the rarest of films, one which can change minds and make you think. Because it doesn't come to conclusions, it takes you to the edge, but then lets you connect the dots. Which is much smarter than saying things like Bush was beholden to the Saudis. However, if you conclude that,'d be crazy not to.

It's the kind of movie which people will see and if they didn't know what Moore is saying is true, when they go online to find out, they'll be stunned at what he didn't say.


(the fact that Steve and I recently switched to the same template is coincidental; I switched yesterday, visited Gilliard for the first time in weeks today and, well, damn, I'd never seen anyone else with this template.)

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