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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Happy new year, everybody. I’m back at work, hence back here as well.

This is me talking. I’m not “writing” anything today.

The hardest thing to write is yourself. Unless you’re Doc Searls.

But I must write something FOR myself this morning, before I start work. I’ll be writing my own evaluation today. The boss will have final approval, of course. I believe I’m in some weird pocket of corporate america, where it’s relaxed, come to work, do what needs to be done, and don’t worry too much about all the bureaucratic, hierarchical bullshit.

So there’s that. I have much else to do, but rather than just do it, I prefer to ignore it until it becomes, uh, more challenging. This is a serious character flaw.

Perhaps I should not write “me.” This is after all, a public forum. Actually, I'm a go getter who gives 110 percent to everything and my talents add immeasurably to the success of any enterprise or organization upon which I focus. There, that's better.

I should stick to something safe, like the weather. It turned cold last night, after temps about 20 degrees above normal over the last few days.

How about politics? The big question there seems to be are we or are we not safer since the capture of Saddam? If we keep framing it up like this, we’re getting nowhere. But that is the point, for the “framers.”

The form really does have a tremendous affect on the content. And content would be nice, I know, but like I said, I’m not writing today.

If this seems disjointed it’s because I edit too much, BEFORE it’s even out. This works so well in person, that my presence usually goes unnoticed. Or at least unappreciated, as far as I’m concerned.

But here in blogland, my pixels glow with the same intensity as yours. Rather democratic really. Of course, you have to put something up, tippity tap on the keyboard and hit publish before any of that stuff becomes real.

Wow, 2004. How’d that happen? “Time is a jet plane.”

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