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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Year-end Blogger Awards

Academia’s Loss is Our Gain Award – Wealth Bondage

You Gotta Laugh to Keep From Crying Award – WTF Is It Now??

Best Blog Reflecting A Cool Aging Hippie Award – Sandhill Trek

Better $35 Investment Than NPR Award – Soapbox

If We Could Bottle the Passion We Could Make it to Another Planet and Start Over Award – Out2Lunch

Best Politics and News Blog – thoughts on the eve of the apocalypse

Reigning Queen of Blogdom (and still the champion of the world) – Allied

Best 2003 Infusion of Intellect – Yule Heibel's Post Studio

Best Blogger on the Trail of Better Business – wirearchy

Best Literary Magazine – wood s lot

The Never Give In, Never Give In, Never, Never, Never Award – Steve Gilliard’s News Blog

The Next Bukowski Award – skullbolt

Pretty Good Blog, for a Girl or a Boy -- Burning Bird

Most Consistent – onegoodmove

Can Write Well – quite well, extremely amusing -- About Anything Award – Mad Percolator Rants

Best Left I on the News – Left I on the News

Best Hiatus Note – Hector Rottweiller Jr's Web Log

Most Clear-Eyed Rabble Rousers – American Samizdat

Most Uncompromising in Speaking Truth to Power, and Best Name – Another Day in the Empire

Best Use of a Blog by a Poet – You Live Your Life As If It's Real

Best Sporadic Use of a Blog by a Poet – Notes From a Life in Progress

Canadians Who can Write Their Asses Off Awards – bmoeasy, Negative Velocity

Best Inspirational Passages Pulled Out Just for You – whiskey river

Keepin it Real Award – tie: Degrees of Divinity, Bohemian Mama

Most Thought-Provoking – bogue's blog

Glad You Joined the Motely Crew Citation -- Pernicious Bloggage

Never Know What to Expect Award – Doug's Dynamic Drivel

Best Use of Pictures and Words -- a moveable beast

A Pleasure to Read Award – Fatshadow

We Get It, the Media Sucks Certificate – The Daily Howler

Best Blog Authored by Zed – MemeMachineGo!

Outsider Artist of the Year – Dr. Menlo

Best Australian Perspective – she sells sanctuary

Won’t Let You Lose Your Sense of Outrage Award – Seeing The Forest

Best Progressive Blog -- Mousemusings Weblog

2003 Exemplary Blog – tie: INSITEVIEW, The Obvious?

Visual Artist Blog of the Year – barbtries a blog

Prose Artist Blog of the Year – baggage carousel

Best Blog by a Journalist – Nonsense Verse

Blogs Most Rarely Read Because They Make Me Feel Inadequate – Oblivio, Open All Night

Chef of the Year – OnePotMeal

2003 Heavyweight Contenders – Open Source Politics

Best Flame-Out – High Water

Gonzo, But Not Forgotten – EGR

Thanks for Sharing Plaque – All Bloggers

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