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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Country Last

By David Michael Green, ICH


I've seen Barack Obama reacting to the allegations and smears coming out of the Republican convention, and I've seen some of the ads he's running. The latter are pretty good, but the former is pathetic. This dude better freakin' cowboy up, and fast, or he is going to get consumed by the Rove machine, just like Dukakis, Gore, Kerry and the rest. Obama needs to show some anger, he needs to stop speaking so hesitantly in his delivery, he needs some sharp pithy lines to trot out, and he needs to go on the attack. In short, he needs to bare some teeth.

Most of all, while he still barely has a chance to do so, he needs to inoculate himself from what is surely coming. Now is the time to runs endless ads associating McCain with Rove with Bush with dirty politics and to scream out foul play, especially along the lines of not putting country first. Such inoculation will prove invaluable when the pond scum in the McCain camp want to start going very, very low, as the campaign nears election day. Obama can then fit such attacks into the frame he's created, shake his head in ‘sadness' at the ‘desperation' of the McCain campaign, and take away the single thing the Republican has going for him -- the false perception that he is a patriot and an honorable man. But if Obama waits until Schmidt really gets going, without paving the way in advance for an accurate perception of what they're actually doing, it will be too late.

Aren't they smart enough to get this?!?! The thought of another weak-kneed Democratic presidential candidate getting rolled by a GOP dirty politics machine is too much to possibly stomach, especially in 2008, when a candidate pretty much just needs to show up in order to win.

I have tentatively supported Obama so far in large part because I liked what I saw as some fighting instincts during the primary season. But if he can't attack McCain for picking someone who doesn't meet McCain's own definition of what the country needs in a president, if he can't show enough intelligence to put this patriotism crap off limits after the swift-boating experience of 2004, if he can't show some grit to the voting public who longs to see it, then he won't win and doesn't deserve to.


People are panicking too early. Every new bit of information information that seeps out (in spite of the MSM's diligence in suppressing it about Sarah) on Johnny's gal amounts to another pinprick in their balloon of lies. Obama has directly called them liars, and the evidence backs him up all the way.

Sarah was a sop to the Klanservative wingtards. She's about five talking points and a great pair of legs, and nothing more. That is slowly seeping into the American consciousness. That doesn't mean that we should stop reposting every new fact learned about her; we MUST do that. But people also have to realize that the present screaming MSM headlines aren't from any solid basis in fact; they are the MSM trying to get inside your head so you'll get discouraged and let the wingtards walk away with another one. Don't you fall for it.
I agree about the MSM, but I'm mostly worried that it's cover for stealing the election again, for the third time in a row.

And yes, it's good to see Obama call them on the brazen lies. It's not good to hear him say things like this: "it's curious that they would belittle community service, since Republicans are normally in favor of it." Not a direct quote, but the phrasing is pretty acurate. When someone is smashing you over the head, you don't say, "it's curious they would do that." People read that kind of response as wimpy. And it is. But I think that's an aberration.
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