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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grant Morrison Talks Comics, Magic, Life and Death
by A. David Lewis -- Publishers Weekly, 8/11/2008

Some fans have taken to calling comic book writer Grant Morrison, “the God of All Comics.” And while that title is not to be taken too seriously, his work certainly is. The renowned and prolific author of such titles as DC Comics’ flagship JLA, Marvel Comics’ New X-Men, his own creations, including We3 and The Filth, and now Virgin Comics’ online series MBX (based on the Hindu myths of the Mahabharata) has long pondered the mysteries of life and come to a number of his own conclusions. In this interview Morrison talks about how his writing, particularly his quirky and spiritual Invisibles espionage series, directly affects his own life, which is, in turn, connected to all other lives across time.


You were right, I enjoyed it. His thinking is about where mine is. I like the fact that he gets the part about still existing somewhere in time as the youth that you were. Of course, it also means I exist as an old man already.
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