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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barack Obama Addresses Economic Crisis

Press Conference Sept. 16, 2008 Part 1

Barack Obama's Plan for Change ad

Obama's economic proposals

LOLOLOL! You put up videos of Barack Obama. Guess this means I have to dig up something on Nader!

(Seriously, what Obama needs the most is groups of pissed off liberals so he can say, "I've got no choice because these people are calling for change.")
Hey, you put up one of Kucinich!

So you're good.

Who's this Nader you speak of? Is that the guy with no attractive or gimmicky running mate, no charisma, but harbors a crazy belief in decent government, consumer protection, meritocracy and the marketplace of ideas?

Eh. I may be pissed, cynical and disillusioned, but all I am saying is give Obama a chance.
What he lacks in charisma he makes up for with determination. I'm imagining Nader sitting in the Oval Office right now; it's a pretty fun exercise.

Decent government, consumer protection, meritocracy and free marketplace of ideas are about as out of fashion as--well, was about to say the Salem Witch Trials, but the comparison doesn't work at all.
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