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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Inequality, If You Can Keep It: The Demise Of Manifest Ethnicity

By Marc Lord


"Barack Obama" the man, the myth, the motor-mouth, he knows who and what he is. He's keenly aware of his symbolism, no one more so, and his ambition is to use it to further a civil liberties agenda. (Hillary Clinton said, "It took a white man to make the Civil Rights Act." Yes, emphatically, these clan robes do make us look racist.) He has the temerity to wholeheartedly believe in a more perfect union, knows he is the embodiment of it, and knows equity will not be granted by a white president. We have a windmill-tilting Leveller, a Cinderella triple-threat to the established order, a Constitutional scholar who sees the document as a cooperative, iterative process on our hands. The only reason we keep looking the gift horse in the mouth is we've been trained to think one's no longer possible, we wouldn't deserve it if it were, and equity is communism.


Hi Bruce,

I've been a bad blogger lately and hadn't realized you had posted this. It makes a pretty cool back-to-back with Winter Patriot's take, whose fears I share. Anyhow, thanks for sharing my thoughts with your readers.

Oddly enough, it's familiarity with history which gives me most cause for optimism. The Progressive vs. Oppressive pendulum oscillates through a slightly different angle with each swing, and the further it has already swung in any direction, the further it feels like it's going to swing. Very difficult to "call the top" of these dynamics in real time, and it's probably stupid to try, but history prescribes a dose of optimism in bad times. And vice versa.
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