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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Google News:

Report: Bin Laden accuses pope, threatens Europeans
USA Today - 1 hour ago
CAIRO (AP) - Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden accused Pope Benedict XVI of helping in a "new Crusade" against Islam and warned in a new audiotape of a "severe" reaction for Europeans' publication of cartoons seen by Muslims as insulting Islam's Prophet ...

Bin Laden Threatens Europe -- Washington Post

Vatican Blasts Bin Laden's Claim of Pope's Anti-Islam 'Crusade' --FOXNews

October 29, 2004 speech by Osama bin Laden, member of rich family close to the Bushes:

"The White House policy, which strove to open war fronts so as to give business to their various corporations — be they in the field of armament, of oil, or of construction — also helped in accomplishing these astonishing achievements for Al-Qa'ida. It appeared to some analysts and diplomats as though we and the White House play as one team to score a goal against the United States of America, even though our intentions differ." [my emphasis]

This is amazing timing, coming on the heels of the Iraq invasion/occupation's fifth anniversary, which allowed Cheney and Bush to provide high-profile War on Terra soundbites.

As if both invasions had an anything to do with fighting the supposed enemy of said terror war, the moslty media/CIA fictional creation Al Qaeda. Two thirds of Americans don't buy it and want us out within two years. But hey, here's the Al Qaeda leader making headlines. They're still on the offensive, threatening white Christian Europeans just like us. Better stay the course.

Chalk it up to excellent teamwork.

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Anybody paying attention since day 1 of this bogus war, has to realize that the bin ladens and bushies have been friends for a loooong time. I'm wondering how many pictures of Osama and the chimperor playing together are hidden away in papa bush's library. This has always had the feel of two rich families getting richer by arranging for their sons to start a completely bogus war. Of course, that presumes that Osama actually was behind 9/11, and not just a convenient bogey to blame it on (whether or not it was prearranged between them).
exactly, rick!

Americans are too busy to pay attention, though.

Two thirds aren't buying the "central front of the war on terror" bs anymore though, and want us out of Iraq. Which makes me fear that the neocrazies will realize they need to make another attack happen, to herd everyone back into the corral, start more wars and take the country even farther to the right. And that is all the easier to do since we've squandered this election season by shutting down voices on the left, and throwing in with what's been allowed, an eloquent but mostly substanceless speaker or a harpy from hell.
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