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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

John McCain's Pastor

In the video, McCain proudly accepts the endorsement of John Hagee, an end-times evangelist, attack Iran enthusiast, Israel-firster, gay hater, and all around power-trippin angry white God worshipper.

From Wikipedia:
On the September 18, 2006, edition of National Public Radio's Fresh Air, Hagee stated that Hurricane Katrina was an act of God, punishing New Orleans for "a level of sin that was offensive to God". He specifically referred to a "homosexual parade" that was held on the date the hurricane struck and that this was proof "of the judgment of God against the city of New Orleans" [1] , even though the Southern Decadence parade was scheduled for the following week and the primary gay neighborhoods, the French Quarter and the Marigny, were spared the flooding and destruction. Another reason for God's wrath, Hagee claims, was the Bush administration's pressure on Israel to abandon settlements and the land associated with them. Therefore, God took American land in a tit for tat exchange during Hurricane Katrina.

It's a controvery tailor-made for the liberal media...oh, er, nevermind.

By the way, I caught a little of a Lou Dobbs show the other night where he had several political pundits kicking around the latest campaign developments. Boy, do they hate Democrats. Even the supposed left-leaning individuals conveyed a lukewarm, if not hostile, attitude toward the Democratic party. Anything left of center to the left of center-right is alien, incomprehensible territory.

Not a good sign.

video via Jesus General

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