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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Protest Music (4): "Sounds of Silence"

I could not help but read your comment to another individual accusing him of clinging to a doctrine of hate. How stupid! Please read the Koran in the privacy of your own home and then redefine for yourself what hatred is. If you have not fought in uniform for your country, you know NOT what LOVE IS!!
If you have voted for less than 40 years, you have no institutional memory regarding how bankrupt the Democrat party is and how excessively liberal domestic policy has gone so far to plant that ridiculous term "doctrine of hate" in your lexicon. You are a woman thinking and acting like a woman instead of a man. Your generations legacy is not so much 30 or 70 percent Demolib or Republican - it is a legacy of a nation of men who behave like women. Tell me, that is not going to negatively befall our nation? Well thanks sissy boy for nothing! That already has - because you want to be PC and cute.

You sound very frustrated. You sound old and frustrated. You sound like a frustrated old red neck, that got drafted, or joined the marines because you bought into the jingoistic lies put out by the corporate elites you fought for, and you were looking for a way to prove your manhood. I really enjoy the way you were able to throw in the term "love" when killing the corporations enemies. I guess I'd be a sad, old, frustrated redneck too, if everything I was raised to believe turned out to be a series of falsehoods. Ah well, my condolences to you. And, I hope you get a good night's sleep, and that your next bowel movement is a satisfying one.
Though I am not a supporter of Ralph Nader, thank you for sharing two of my Protest Music videos from You Tube.
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