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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have no interest in raining on this parade

I offered to my (young-adult) daughter: "Reagan was my Obama."
She nodded.
I then spoke in general of the Republican party breaking my heart, so to speak, and of how dispiriting it was.
I said something like: "Even if Obama is elected, your generation had better keep working to keep him from ending up as just another cog in the machine."

I think that covered this issue well enough, because it does not condemn a little civic faith, while arguing for the necessity of continuous action, of a healthy distrust-of-government in action. This necessity remains, whoever is elected.

-- comment at Orcinus

But we best keep it honest.

Amen. The extent to which Obama is corruptible intertwines with his chances of staying alive. Getting elected, too. So he's got to strike the right poses, but not go too far.

Re: your last comment:

I wish the political show could be less awful here. In Switzerland they rotate the Presidency county by county, in Sweden candidates get two weeks to campaign. I lived in one place, planned to live in Denmark, but here we are.

The Clintons have become horrible people, and they got major-corrupted by power while still in Arkansas. Clinton has had some of his enemies killed, and the Democratic Party still wants to give us the shaft, yet again. I worry about that far more than some yahoo taking a pot-shot.
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