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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bogus Terror: Feds Wage War Against The Rule Of Law

Great post by Winter Patriot (title and link above) on the 95 percent stage managed Terror War, and how it's used to consolidate power and strip civil rights, and to dupe thousands of into sincerely believing they are fighting it.

A news report propaganda piece published today called Western cadre said to boost al Qaeda's ability to hit U.S. fits perfectly with his thesis, published Feb. 2. That is, in WP's words, the crackdown is coming. The flurry of news articles like the one I've linked are part of preparing the public for H.R.1955 Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, which provides broad powers to the government to claim dissidents are terrorists.

If there is no will, and no ability, to deal with this phony war, and there isn't, then the entire two-year presidential election season is one more empty media spectacle designed to distract the populace. Can any reader here honestly tell me it isn't?

As long as the 9/11 Commission's conspiracy theory goes unchallenged, there will be no effective brake on this forever war. Those left on the campaign trail talking about change are just blowing smoke.

H.R. 1955 is down right scarey! And it passed the house 404 to 6! Are the dems idiots? The power to violate constitutional rights of individuals that this gives to an administration is friggin' enormous. Couple this w/ HSPD 51 and we're further along down the path than Germany in '36.
I'm too busy at the moment to do more than post a link or two and jot down a few thoughts, so in looking at this post, I should explain the 9/11 reference. 9/11 is the key ground supporting every evil committed by the Bushies. It is the reality changer that everything flows from. Without it, you can't strip liberties, run looting scams, and wage aggressive war. With it, you can. It is sufficiently Pearl Harbor-like to cause either docile acquiesence or fear of ridicule and ostracism to really, actively oppose what it has launched.

We must be programmed from birth to never talk about the cause, but only accept and then whine about the effects.
Here's Winter Patriot again: False Witness: Director Of National Intelligence Lies To Senate Committee
Thanks, Patrick.
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