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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Must-Have War

by Michael Rivero


The years before WW2 were in many ways very similar to those prior to WW1. Again, there was labor unrest, a new depression even worse than the previous one, and the Communist movement in Europe and Russia was apreading to the United States, fueled by the anger of the working classes; threatening to end the lives of wealth and privilege of the nation's elite families.

Then Pearl Harbor happened. And in this case, there is little doubt that President Roosevelt MADE it happen, for the purpose of getting the United States into the war against Hitler.

As had happened in WW1, the American people rallied behind the war effort. What was unacceptable levels of hardship during peace was suddenly acceptable. Complaints only aided Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito, or so the conventional wisdom said. and again, by the time WW2 was over, the memories of the Depression were decades old, and fading.

So, here we are today. We are not yet in a Depression just yet, and we don't need to be. The American people see what is coming and they do not think that the loss of their high paying jobs, and worse, their homes, is acceptable under the circumstances. Once again we have been seeing a massive transfer of wealth from the working classes to the ultra-rich.

History is repeating itself, and because history does repeat, no doubt Bush and his advisers are thinking that if they can start a major war, they will be off the hook. Once more the American people will silently endure their hardships for the war effort, silence their complaints, and accept with dignity yet another enforced decline in their standard of living.

For this, to save themselves, Bush and his advisers are willing to risk turning a regional war with Israel's enemies into a wider war, possibly a global war with Russia, possibly with China, possibly with the rest of the entire world as the globe realizes that the United States has become this century's embodiment of the Nazi empire.

It is for this reason that President Bush scarcely missed a step when the National Intelligence Estimate proved Iran innocent of Bush 'a accusations, before trying to stage a new "Gulf of Tonkin" provocation in the Straight of Hormuz. Bush doesn't want this war. Bush NEEDS this war. The entire US Government needs it. Indeed, having already depleted the nation's resources to fund the current invasions, the US Government probably will not be able to survive without a new world war.

Which is why they will do anything, and I stress ANYTHING, to start one.


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