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Friday, January 11, 2008

Clusterf*ck to the Whitehouse

As for Hillary; she won nothing. The results are completely bogus. Her weepy performance before the balloting was orchestrated to create a credible narrative to explain the fraudulent shifting of votes away from Obama.


Clinton's tearful antics were right out of Karl Rove's “Dirty Tricks Playbook”. Chapter one: Invent a believable storyline, run it through the Propaganda Ministry (the media) and stick with it no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

-- Mike Whitney, Information Clearinghouse

“81% of New Hampshire ballots are counted in secret by a private corporation named Diebold Election Systems," according to activist Nancy Tobi, quoted in this article.

Obama is still hoping for change on the campaign trail, but his moment is over. This has been offically marked by his endorsement from John "fall guy" Kerry. The fix is in.

Dammit, I wondered about the ballot boxes. I wish this wasn't true.
How can we know as long as they use Diebold and the like? We can't, but everything we do know points to fraud, since as early as 2002, not to mention, of course the theft via Supreme Court in 2000.

We've got to have paper ballots and hand-counting. It's laughably easy to fix this, but there's no political will. Or is there? kind of a classic Catch 22 here.
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