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Friday, January 04, 2008

Matt Taibbi on Holy Huckabee

As president, Huck would support a constitutional amendment banning abortion and would give science a back seat to religion. "Science changes with every generation and with new discoveries, and God doesn't," he says. "So I'll stick with God if the two are in conflict." Huckabee's well-documented ­disdain for science was reflected in the performance of the Arkansas school system when he was governor; one independent survey gave the state an F for its science standards in schools, a grade that among other things reflected Huckabee's hostility toward the teaching of evolution.

Huckabee at most times is gentle and self-deprecating in his public address, but when he talks about religion, he gets weirdly combative and obnoxious, often drifting into outright offensiveness. At one appearance, Huckabee — who's been known to make fart jokes in front of the state legislature — said he would oppose gay marriage "until Moses comes down with two stone tablets from Brokeback Mountain saying he's changed the rules." And he recently scored a rare offend trifecta, simultaneously pissing off immigrants, Jews and the pro-choice crowd when he ludicrously claimed that a "holocaust" of abortions had ­artificially created a demand for Mexican labor.

-- Matt Taibi, Rolling Stone, Nov. 14, 2007

The great thing about this gaseous bible-fucker is that, not he is a DSM-IV candidate, he's also the logical conclusion of everything the Republicans have tried to mobilize. Now it's going to get inflicted on them just like the hillbilly buggered Ned in Deliverance.

The sad thing is that he'll sooner get my vote than Hillary Clinton.
Exactly. I was going to go with a head that said, Big Surprise, Nutjob party fields wacko candidate. But went with the informational instead.

Thanks for stopping, Marc. Blogs get lonely too. Happy New Year!
I like the emotional lead, tho. Might lift it for a post. Have been watching Huckleberry ever since he announced, having become familiar with the vicious Arkansas politics via the Clenis. Huck will be very hard to beat, even in NH. He's authentic, and he's got folksy down. Makes his other baggage seem quaint or at least lighter.

And happy new year to you and yours, Bruce!
Poor old Lyndon Larouche has to work twice as hard these days to be the batshit master.
I did a quick scan of those bughouse crazies earlier this week to see if I could handicap the Iowa Coo-coos. None of it made sense to me. Our only hope is for the rapture to come before the xtians get a chance to enthrone Huck. I'm hoping they have a cage wrestling match at the convention and McCain and Giuliani can fight it out for the role of "sane Veep."
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