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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

PCR again

Without the impeachment of Bush and Cheney, America can never recover. The precedents for unaccountable government established by the Bush administration are too great, their damage too lasting. Without impeachment, America will continue to sink into dictatorship in which criticism of the government and appeals to the Constitution are criminalized. We are closer to executive rule than many people know.

Silber reminds us that America once had leaders, such as Speaker of the House Thomas B. Reed and Sen. Robert M. LaFollette Sr., who valued the principles upon which America was based more than they valued their political careers. Perhaps Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are of this ilk, but America has fallen so low that people who stand on principle today are marginalized. They cannot become speaker of the House or a leader in the Senate.

Today Congress is almost as superfluous as the Roman Senate under the caesars. On Feb. 13 the U.S. Senate barely passed a bill banning torture, and the White House promptly announced that President Bush would veto it. Torture is now the American way. The U.S. Senate was only able to muster 51 votes against torture, an indication that almost a majority of U.S. senators support torture.


The guy that wrote this was an optimist.

On the bright side, baby bush's approval rating is now the lowest of any amerikan president - even lower than nixon ever got. He's the first to fall below 20% (19%). Of course, we'll need to search the alzheimer wards, oil corporate boards, and CEO's of the military industrial complex to round up the remaining 19%, and have them summarily executed to prevent further breeding.

Changing topics again (please keep up): Beer at Kingfisher's tomorrow?
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