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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Free Hugs

Jeneane Sessum turned me on to this. Thanks Jeneane!

Heh... that really brightened up my day... and they tried to ban them! How dare they! You can't dismiss the healing power of hugs.
Quick question Bruce... do you believe in a God of some kind?
Quick question!?!?

Depends on how buzzed I am.

When I look at, take in, and feel the beauty of this world, when I contemplate the human spirit, courage, and acts of kindness and selflessness, when synchronicity happens, when love is in the air, then I am able to embrace the mystery of existence, feel that there is something beyond words, beyond myself and all our little individual selves, and I want to honor it, honor life. That's my religion, that's my belief. I don't know what to call it.
I think by that it means you don't believe in God, you just love the complexity and mystery of everything.

That's great to hear.
Beautiful. Says a lot. Thanks for posting it.

Hey Shem, bounce the question back to you...
way cool. where is the free hugs guy doing this at? At first I thought it was in Germany, obviously it's not. Thanks for putting this up, it's a great metaphor.
Me? I don't believe in God at all, but I support a more Einsteinian view, enjoying and basking in the complexity of it all, but not articulating that as a deity of any kind.

And you?
Hey Bruce, that was great. Thanks for posting it. I wanna go give some one a hug now.

Marclord, after a little google search, I've learned that the clip comes from Sydney Australia.

Here's another You Tube clip with some background info :

Juan Mann interview
Hey Les, great to hear from you.

Thanks for the additional info.

Easily the best music video (and true story) ever.

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