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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lenin's Tomb on Israel-Lebanon conflict

Meanwhile, the crushing conformity of the media continues apace. Why even discuss it? They tell us some people died once in a while. Then they allow Bush or someone to remind us that Iran or Syria is to blame. Then they clamour about the evacuation of Westerners. Then they tell us about the heatwave and the difficulties in filling in forms. They even have a Labour MP sitting in front of a camera ready to discuss this inanity. Protests happening across the country (I know of several that happened only last night) are ignored. Eli Stephens notes the dehumanising language: the obliteration of poor Shi'ite neighbourhoods is described clinically as "Israeli warplanes pounded Hezbollah's stronghold in south Beirut". My intention, for what it's worth, is to reduce my time spent watching television news from a couple of hours a day to zero. It is demobilising, it dulls the senses, it cripples one's thinking with sheer insanity.

Textual links provided in the orginal. Lenin has been in fine form covering Israel's psychopathic response to the soldiers taken prisoner and the media's sickening bias toward Israel. Check for several other posts as well as Lenin's acerbic retorts to clueless wingers in the comments box.

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I utterly agree with both Lenin's quotes and your own. Although I don't think that it's simply a bias towards Isreal, but towards war in general, a continual indoctrination of the populace to not caring, to have the suffering of thousands reduced to a 'that's terrible' over dinner one night. We know we are without any form of real power to change anything, and we live our lives accordingly.
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