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Monday, June 19, 2006

This dumpsterdan guy has it nailed

One reason it's [blogoworld] been subsumed is because none of these people are all that rebellious. They quickly started looking for ways in which blogging would let them better serve already established powers, and then looked for ways to boost personal fortune. The candidates come, suck the blood of the readership, get their hopes up and then squish them.

The early adopters and big shots are cashing in. The Windsurfer and the Decider float serenely on, emitting occasional bursts of mephitic nonsense, and another managerial field has been created. The same tiny percentage of disgruntled, curmudgeonly people have a new niche in which to experience dismay and some people, who by disposition are suited for "mainstream success", will get plenty career.

Bah. MoveOn is among the worst of the lot. It sells the illusion of efficacy, which inevitably turns into service to the existing power structure. Double bah.

Where are all the people who really are done with the HR metrics, the shell game and the grim pursuit of fecklessness?

-- comment at Wirearchy

And what a vocabulary. Mephitic!? I had to look it up. It was actually in my little mass market American Heritage dictionary, to my surprise.

In answer to your question, uh, right here. I know a few people. I'm sure you know a few, but beyond that? I dunno. I think having a few beers at the most convenient comfortable dive to discuss it is the best answer. Out of that might come some inspiration, such as the SUV Diginity Concept.

I can't see anything changing, not when there's plenty of career for everyone, as a dude you may know is fond of pointing out. All the liberal pundits in the world ain't gonna change the fact that Americans by and large applaud the troops, literally too, as I saw them do for a bunch at the airport the other day. Tells you everything you need to know. See, unlike Vietnam, they attacked us. And they could get a nuclear bomb and attack us again, unless we take the fight to 'em! So we are, and will continue to and we'll applaud the defense of freedom and the fight against Islamofascist totalitarianism. Nobody really thinks we're going to switch to some other narrative, do they?

I really am done with the HR metrics, the shell game and the grim pursuit of fecklessness, it's just that, you know, bills and all. And though they do run specials, they ain't giving beer away down at my local joint yet.

Good old dumpsterdan. I studied music with him when I was a kid. We were suspended in fifth grade, for seling firecrackers to the other students. The pranks we pulled at school! My, my. What times. . . It's good to see he's still around.
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